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Monday, June 30, 2014

Gardens Benefits

Less to no packaging, less fuel burned to drive for groceries, less wasted trees for sales receipts, less visits to the doctor due to good clean food and exercise, less herbicides and pesticides, more unemployment for Monsanto slave employees,  less toxic garbage dumps which mean cleaner groundwater and unemployed garbage dump engineers, less need to chase after money to eat, less road rage comes with less driving, less lawn mower noise as gardens take over lawns, less lawn mowers mean less smelting metals and manufacturing means cleaner air and less mining which creates more unemployment, which means less  wear and tear on roads,  less traffic police due to less traffic, less traffic accidents means smaller hospitals and fewer nurses needed, less construction jobs as police stations and hospitals get smaller, less lawyers jobs dragging out accident claims court battles till they get a lions share of every settlement, gardening just has to many benefits to mention them all, and intensive gardening has the potential to replace a lot of stressful activities that are putting pressures on people and our life support system, free tours at our pot rock garden at 5090 west Saanich Rd, Victoria, BC, a Tourist Destination Must See. 

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