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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Garden Party Grows.

     The Self Government of Canada, the Garden Party has just approved of a policy of providing free education, tools for the job, and guaranteed results, with portable wealth for every agricultural  student.  Every class will be held in a garden.  We have some but because of expected demand, we need many classrooms.
      We don't need Real Estate Developers, Insurance Agents, Government Committee Delay Meetings. We do need Food Providers, who need land to be providers, many young people actually want to grow their own food, so let's help them at every opportunity, to make the changes that we should have done a long time ago.
       As The Garden Party keeps looking for more liberated land, priceless stuff, to Garden, we will also freely help new Gardeners get started where they are. On the South Coast of BC we can garden year round and Rock Piles make great gardens,  as a matter of fact the Garden Party of BC has declared protection of all Rocks in BC and added them to the Agriculture Land Reserve.
      Now if you have the know how or have a pile of rocks, who are you waiting for? Occupation Apple Tree?

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