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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Garden Party Feeds Scientists

     98% of Unemployed Canadian Scientists, the ones that do not agree with Harper will be able to get free pea seed from The Garden Party. We can deliver directly on our Epic Journey To Ottawa to present Harper and his Congregation sprouted potatoes and shovels for their pensions.  All Canadian Scientists are invited to join us Gardeners in Ottawa to discuss what we are going to do to save the world, of course planting a Garden would be a excellent first step and our scientists are ready to Dig In.  We suggest that the Gardeners of Australia follow suit and Present Their Corporate Serving Prime Minister the worthy gift of retirement and tools to work on his rehabilitation.
   And while we are at it now in Canada and Australia to remove a government that does not serve the best interests of people and our life support system we invite our 18,783 spies around the world to take up this worthy cause now, why should we wait till next Spring when we can do it now?

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