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Friday, June 6, 2014

Garden Party Challenges Liberals, BC News.

     Just because 80 percent of farmland does not grow cash for the cash hungry Liberal Party of BC, Canada, does not mean that the land is not producing food.  Our Gardens do not grow cabbage out of the sky like banks grow money.  We formally would like the pretenders in the BC legislature to show us just one piece of land that they want to take out of the Agriculture Land Reserve because they say it is not suitable for food production, and let the Garden Party Garden.  We can turn a rock pile into barley, tomatoes, cabbage, strawberries and cucumbers in the first year. The pictures show what we did to a small rock and brick pile this year.  What we really should do is Compost the Coin Chasing Liberal Party, retire them with a potato peel pension, and of course a shovel, bunch of cabbage heads.
     Come on Bennett, show us a piece of land that you say is not suitable for Agriculture, one spot, just get out of the way when we get there,  BC FEEDS BC FOOD not BS, IN 8 YEARS.  

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