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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

DOT-111s Off The Tracks.

     What is our big rush to extract and export all of our resources? And at the same time cut back on rail and rail car maintenance. Less engineers, more speed, less checks, more profits, less employees, more 'accidents', more lies,   more deaths.  Take the DOT 111s Off The Track.  Now. 
     They are unsafe, the railway giants have known these tanker cars are a danger for a long enough time. But our beautiful capitalist systems demands maximum profits.  We get a lot of disasters from our maximum profit capitalist system. And that creates of bunch of jobs for our criminal justice systems. They are all so greedy as to tell a Gardener What can or cannot be grown in a Garden. What herb a gardener can grow. The right of that decision belongs to the gardener.  Therefore the Self Government of Canada, The Garden Party's Minister of Altered Reality, Declares : All Gardeners grow at least one Pot Plant and Prevent Legal Organized Crime taking over from Illegal Organized Crime.  Pot is not a Crime, therefore neither is growing Pot. The public has had no input until now, and this public simply says, "grow some peas and carrots and maybe some potatoes as well".   Exercise your own self control and self government.  If you need a dictator, order yourself to smarten up. If you want Dot-111s off the tracks, and Harper, Baird, and Micky Mouse out of the Big House, maybe a trip to Ottawa sometime this summer, fall, and send them for a extended holiday without pay, a shovel, hoe and potato peels for a pension would be suitable. 

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