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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Closing Garbage Dumps

     The Garden Party of BC, the Finest Government of Canada, is closing down all Garbage Dumps in the Province.  We take responsibility for what we produce and purchase, and expect everyone in Canada to do the same. Recycling does not solve anything, it only creates the illusion that we can keep making waste and garbage to fuel a monetary system that maintains and encourages waste.  Waste the planet and make Money.  Keep the illusion that money is important, is necessary for human function, has value in itself and keep everybody stupid enough to think we are making some kind of progress, is insanity.  We are in the act of destroying life on Earth and almost everyone involved is saying we can not stop.  The Garden Party has news to the contrary, stop it will, stop it yourself, or be stopped by consequences of the world collective activity programmed to serve money.
     As has been repeated by aware people for the last forty years, Gardening is the best environmental action to take. Garbage Dumps with Corporate Garbage Makers, and Coin Operated Local to National Governments can all be Composted. We the Aware People can say Hell No, and Change it all, just need one more person, and we will be the majority. Happy Gardening and Shut Down Monsanto and Sticky Animal Traps. 

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