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Monday, June 30, 2014

Gardens Benefits

Less to no packaging, less fuel burned to drive for groceries, less wasted trees for sales receipts, less visits to the doctor due to good clean food and exercise, less herbicides and pesticides, more unemployment for Monsanto slave employees,  less toxic garbage dumps which mean cleaner groundwater and unemployed garbage dump engineers, less need to chase after money to eat, less road rage comes with less driving, less lawn mower noise as gardens take over lawns, less lawn mowers mean less smelting metals and manufacturing means cleaner air and less mining which creates more unemployment, which means less  wear and tear on roads,  less traffic police due to less traffic, less traffic accidents means smaller hospitals and fewer nurses needed, less construction jobs as police stations and hospitals get smaller, less lawyers jobs dragging out accident claims court battles till they get a lions share of every settlement, gardening just has to many benefits to mention them all, and intensive gardening has the potential to replace a lot of stressful activities that are putting pressures on people and our life support system, free tours at our pot rock garden at 5090 west Saanich Rd, Victoria, BC, a Tourist Destination Must See. 

Taking Over Governments

      All seats of power corrupt.  Look up the 244 countries in the world and find a story of corruption in progress by all their governments. There is less corruption by top brass of the Hells Angels, than there is in most governments, including Canada. So it is concluded; Seats of Power,  are a major problem.  The people have to now develop a new form of Government, with out Power Seats. Let the new structure develop organically. Each Gardener forms their own government from the base of "the garden".  We work and develop the means to free ourselves from supporting the suicide direction of our Government Power Seats.  Even our oldest gardener grows excess, we are getting control of our food supply one garden at a time, and we want an end of war. The Garden Party is calling for a Emergency Response, of 100,000 Shovels to head for Ottawa and dig in, after  planting a garden, NO MORE WAR.  Ready for Ottawa, pull your garlic, polish your shovel. The rest is up to you.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Next Year's Garden

  Cut the Grass, use it as mulch, plant it in potatoes next spring.  A process that is simple, adds nutrition to the soil, brings in the worms, and with potatoes the first year condition the soil and gets rid of most of the weeds.  Potatoes are a good crop to grow on land that require driving to as they only need several visits and if planted early, may not require any watering if mulched. Minimum work three trips, planting, hilling and mulching and perhaps weeding, then the harvesting.  With this garden since there are a variety of fruit trees the potato patch will get a visit while pruning and picking fruit.

Community Building

     There is only one large community, anything else is an attempted escape. On a personal level, community is, all the people one is involved with daily. Involved can mean;  meeting a stranger in your area, or your life partner, or The Garden Party decreasing real estate monitary values. The Garden Party does not put any monitary value on land. Nor could we honestly say, that we own one grain of sand, in other words, why should we pay for the space our contributing body finds itself.  In fact, The Garden Party is encouraging everyone to stop buying everything.  Wean all the stupidity of the human form out of your world,  and reform.  You need community, lead the way, plant a garden.  If you need help, help has arrived, you first.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Pot And Rock Garden

     Our Pot Rock Garden is in transition. As soil accumulates filling the spaces between the boulders and rocks too heavy to move, more plants are going directly in the ground..   This year the number of pots planted is about 800.  More are planted weekly. Potted plants also have left here almost everyday, No record, but over 300.  We have managed at the same time to increase the size and variety at our Nursery, with a lot more for seed and to eat. Gardening is a pleasure for some people.
       We are quite sure that if the People of Ukraine would ignore all agreements made by their coin operated politicians,  get out in the Garden and do a little Rock and Roll and Dig in, they would realize, there is only one union that will work.  If you don't know what union that is, pick up a shovel and dig for enlightenment.

Contribution to Garden Party

    Bought, Delivered, Unloaded, a load of topsoil.  The Garden Party is getting more inspired every day. Self Government works well when everyone does their part.  Some things move faster when you go a little slower, not so many mistakes.  This soil arrived today, and was used today. Dirty hands but clean work. 

Oil Drilling Waste Water.

      One of our spies heard a rumour that there are no regulations for pumping liquid hazardous waste underground that goes down 500 meters.  That is what is happening somewhere around Fort Nelson, BC.  Apparently this may have been going on for a long time.  How deep the toxins are being pumped , our spies guess is between one and two thousand meters, and at a conservative estimated rate of 40 litres a second, 2400 litres a minute, 144,000 litres a hour, 3,456,000 a day, every day for the last 15 years, not sure on that last fact, it may have been going on for 30 years or even longer, and the volume may be higher.  Lots of contaminated water from fracking and tar sands, even radium and who knows what else is getting pumped down? Is this another disaster we are passing on to the future?  How many more places are we doing this? Michigan?  Another Eastern State?  A  Southern State?  Alberta Tar sands?  Our Spies have been to busy Gardening to get all the details, but our weekly leeks are accurate at least 52% of the time.
      We were also wondering what the effect would be if the trillions of litres of toxic waste pressure pumped underground should blow out the surface? Would it contaminate all the rivers and lakes up north.  Maybe.
      Maybe we need more local gardening and less driving.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Military Budget Cuts. Canada.

Training will be cheaper for Emergency Response  then a Demolition Crew for the Military.  Once we train a crew to smash stuff up, they then want to do what they were trained to do, blow things up.  That target practice is expensive.  But if we train a crew for emergency response, they will helping people under stress, often caused by a trained demolition crews smashing stuff up.
     Simple Solution, Everybody Around The World, convert your Military to Emergency Response.  Yes you can say The Garden Party is Cheap. The cost is way less, and if we can afford to support a military and super expensive killing machines, we could afford to have a much larger crew.  Trained for emergency where ever they are needed, where they live, or anywhere in the world. Every one gets life skills training, and will carry those skills where they go. Lots of Unskilled Young People looking for employment.  The Garden Party Emergency Crew is now coming together organically to replace Canada's Military, we expect full conversion in eight years. Need a Garden give us a scream, accepting trainees.

Granville Public Market

     Great place to socialize alone or to take relatives and friends and comfortably spend a few hours. Lots to look at but Wild Products Network will not be there this week.  Maybe next week or the week after, as we are still giving Garden Promotion priority.
     We usually come in on Thursday when we do come in, but check out other venders,  hours are 9am to 7pm. And Thursdays there is a outside Farmers Market.  A good spot to spend a day and pick up some local produce.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another Enterprise

    First comes the idea, then the talk, smoke some pot and more talk, talk, talk, smoke some more pot talk, talk, talk, toke, talk toke, forget the idea.  Forget the toke, get past the talk, take the first step or action and the idea manifests a new reality.  We are hearing the toke talk of the desire to develop none chemical paints, if it gets past the toke talk, The Garden Party will provide the peas and  potatoes.  Seeing that it appears to be a excellent Idea presented today, but talk is only talk, and we want to get as many toxic chemicals off the market faster than pot grows, we Gardeners are offering our help to anyone who is past the toke talk to develop paints you can eat, in other words, environmentally friendly.

Garden Party Crushing Monsanto

     We are making progress, herbicides, the cash cow of Monsanto are now banned from Canada and so is Monsanto by The Garden Party Self Government of Canada.  Sorry for the delay, we have some 'Will Nots' in Ottawa that seem to cling on no matter how much evidence is put in front of their noses.  Time for them to smell the Roses. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

End of Herbicdes

    The science is in, what some have known for at least 40 years, poisons applied to our land, put in the air and water was a problem that we would have to face.  We will never measure the amount of harm we have already caused, and,  will be feeling the effects of what is still being applied for years. But now we all know, there are no safe poisons.  No safe chemical herbicides or pesticides.  Only a brain dead coin operated government would not take immediate action to a halt the use of these Toxins.  Stop your own use, and give shovels to all governments that do not put a immediate stop to the use of these killers.  No more delays, or studies, or promises. Stop them  now Harper, or The Garden Party of BC will bring you a hoe and dig in until we shovel you out of office.
     This message is sent by Pass it on Mail to the Conservative Party and the so called Prime Minister of Canada, Mr Harper, from our Popular Minister For More Unemployment, who just can't take no for a answer.  Pass it on mail to who it may concern, and to all concerned, patience has it limits.

Victoria BC Landfill

     Who knew going through the trash could be so depressing? 
     It's one thing to get your annual tax bill for garbage collection, and forget about it until next year.  But it's an entirely different experience seeing exactly where your money is wasted by taking a tour of Hartland Dump. Former Heal Lake.  
     But Hartland is not called a dump, it's a engineered sanitary landfill.  The meaning of the word sanitary used to mean clean,  now it means dirty and Toxic, all dumps are toxic, dirty places and will be toxic and dirty no matter how many rubber sheets put under and over them.
     The Capital Regional District managing the Dump has completely failed to reduce the impact of the dump on our land, in our water and in the air we breath. They may slow down the toxins from getting out in the environment, but mix the 80,000 chemicals, and there are in every dump, it will not remain contained nor will is it be sanitary. 
     Yes, you can cover it and plant flowers on it, and animals will live on top of a buried Dump but people won't.  It's nice to see Victoria's solid waste is in really good hands, of the brain dead people who have been running the district for the last 30 years. All dumps should have been shut down at least 30 years ago, since some of us knew what needed to be done and how to do it 30 years ago.  We tried to show the CRD, and even Blocked the road to Heal Lake when the draining started.  Even now we can redirect 90% of what goes into the Dump, but the easier method would be to quit making garbage.  Fire 90% of the CRD might be a good place to start to stop the waste.  
     This is a rewrite of June 20 article, "Landfill  more than a 'dump'."  A Peninsula News Review found in a sanitary trash can.  

Monday, June 23, 2014

Let's Not Do It Again.

     Where every we are, we the people closest to the ground and most likely to be buried, refuse to go to war.  All our 19,268 Garden Party Spies around the world are spreading the word, this time we all say, we are not going to war with enemies made for us. We have put an end to War in our present and future.  
     The Garden Party of Canada is calling for the conversion of all military forces to Emergency Response Teams.  Stop all plans for purchase of new military equipment, it might get used, on us.  Think about it.  We hope to get this done in Eight Years.  We are at the same time hoping to grow enough food to provide our emergency response teams in eight years. Our present gardens are now being used by more people, and are still expanding, 10 planters go out, 15 more get filled.  Raspberries, strawberries, peas, eat a carrot while watering the garden. Talk to the Lizards, snakes, birds, bees, couple of mice, smell the mints and lavender, look deep into the poppies, at 5090 West Saanich.  Louis at 604 928 3663.

50 Million Tons.

     50,000,000 tons of electronic gadgets, discarded last year.  Almost non is processed properly.  Who is going to take responsibility? Or do we just complain about the environmental disaster caused by tar sands and ignore a wide spread disaster growing faster than than Harper can get rid of all the government watch dogs.  There are a lot of toys using batteries.  Buy no more than you need.  Just stop buying gadgets and junk.  The easiest mess to clean up is the one we don't make.

First Cut Down Trees.

     After cutting the trees down, load on trucks, take them to a pulp mill, grind up the logs, make paper, pollute shellfish, haul the paper to a printer, make lotto tickets, load tickets on trucks, wear out tires, distribute tickets, do millions of transactions, load discarded tickets on trucks, take tickets to the dump, bury tickets,  poison groundwater, We could save a lot of energy if we just cut the trees down and hauled them to the dump. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Winning Way, Don't Play.
     Accomplishments: Tree Planting Jobs, a few broken and dead loggers, Soil Erosion, Bigger Marine Dead Zones from water pollution of Pulp Mills, not to mention toxic air, line ups of people at gas stations to watch brain dead people processing tickets, bigger dumps and more recycling of what should never have been made. We told the powers that be that the majority opposed lotteries and they did, now majority addicted, killing the planet a teaspoon of poison a day by billions of people, adds up to tankers of wasted energy, and  shiploads of toxins dumped on our Life Sustaining Garden. Bankrupt all lotteries, it's run by legalized organized crime.
     The World Garden Party voted unanimously, one to zero, to recommend a complete boycott of all illegal and legal crime gambling, for one month, starting each day with the same goal, and we will all transform from a bunch of losers, to a bunch of winners. 
   Milk Weed, in Bloom. Cash Creek, BC. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pipelines or No Pensions

     That is one of tactics the Minister of Fear and Non-sense of Harper's Government to get brain dead people to support pipelines. Poison another major river with tar sands pollution, and get trillions of imaginary numbers to make a totally corrupt monetary system last a few more years.  The time has come to for us all to do the big shift and take our medicine full strength.  Corporations are no friend of the environment or people. Under close observation, deception, waste and corruption is taking place at every level of Government, all Political Parties, all financial institutions, and most businesses in Canada. Trash the environment to make wasteful, useless jobs.  And pay so little for jobs in Agriculture that we need to bring in slave workers from elsewhere. 
     Occupy Government by being Government, taking back personnel control and personnel responsibility. The Garden Party is in the process of a complete change now and must be close to The Hundredth Monkey.