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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Unregistered Charity.

      We have food plants that are free to all you first time Gardeners, so if you are short of bucks, we have an increaseing supply of varity in our main nusrsery for propagation at 5090 West Saanich Rd, Victoria BC.  There is no charge for plants, and we may deliver, we may even help Plant, we may even buy plants or seed for your garden.  There is no excuse to not having a garden.  Find some ground, give us a call, we have what you need to get started. Single parents, if you have no access to garden space, or tools, let us know where you live, we may know of space near you and provide helpful tools.  One way or another, just a small challenge, keeps us active, can't take no for an answer. Every little bit makes the whole difference, so take May 21st off, it's World Wide Do Nothing Day.

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