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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Rich are Dumb

     Work is a dirty word in Canadian schools.  Work is gaining experience, doing the best you can with the tools and materials you have access to, learning responsibility, gaining a skill and portable wealth, that you can spend for the rest of your life.  The Rich pay for all their Work Things, and have no skills or abilities, non of any value to a Gardener, so it has been concluded beyond any doubt, The Rich Are Dump and Stupid and Boring!  That, is proof of human compassion,  everywhere the poor people give the best care for the  stupidest boring people.  Only Stupid People would want to be like Stupid Boring People, the middle class, halfway between stupid and insane.  There is no doubt also,  that a lot of poor do very stupid things, but, they have learned some survival skills , and they do all necessary real work in the world.  Unfortunately The Stupid Boring People are so stupid that they want more and will not stop till they have it all. 
    May 21st, World Buy Nothing Day. Save, Save, Save!

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