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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Self Rule is Not Violent, Ukraine.

     Violence may start when those who have had power over everyone want to hang on to that special position to exploit at will.  People all over the world are tired and fed up with top down Government that always ends up self serving for a few. That few also call for 'Rule of Law', and usually have the guns and jails to maintain their 'right to rule'. When people anywhere in the world take control of their governance, every top down power structure panics and finds ways to stop any self rule.   How dare  people even think that they could govern themselves? The Garden Party considers Self Rule a Human Right.  So even if Ukraine falls to pieces, if the choice that people make is self Government, so be it.  Blaming people for choosing self government from a corrupt Government, and attacking them, then saying that those who are attacked are terrorists who are creating violence and it must be stopped, is like a RCMP beating on you, and for good measure charging you for interfering with a Peace Officer.  But times are changing, and people around the World are kicking on the legs of the high chairs. Bottom up Government is taking over without a middle class.  We suggest the middle class in all parts of Ukraine start growing Gardens. Those in the high chairs may not be able to reach the ground with shovels, but they will soon enough be grounded and have the opportunity and joy of Gardening.  Spring is here, now is a good time to get off your high chair and start digging.

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