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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sanction Wars

     The USA and Canada's poplar stick waving Elected prime minister are putting embargoes on Russia, in return Putin is now putting his form of embargo on the US. This excellent idea should be expanded to a complete 100%. Canada should also block all exports and imports with Russia for any reason, we have everything to take care of our needs.  Repeat the same Embargo to USA, most of what they get goes to maintain a world police force.  We could put a full embargo on China, South Korea, Mars, Everybody.  Make our own stuff, grow our food.  Shut down all exports, oil, LNG, coal, iron ore, forest products, Uranium, and Kick Monsanto out of Canada.  
     We expect a lot of labour unrest as our Minister For More Unemployment cuts more jobs from the Public sector and cuts all government pension funds for Politicians.  The BC Liberal Leader should go down with a scandal any time now.
     This is a update from Canada's Self Government, The Garden Party reminding our 16,201 spies that May 21st is World Holiday, Buy Nothing Day.

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