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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Romania's Peasants :

     Rumania’s peasants are standing in the way of foreign investors making a lot of money.  Article by Luke Dale-Harris,  A common story, that is happening around the world, displace the people one way or another, take over the common land, and small holdings.  Roumania needs Self Government, and to kick out investors, they are actually exploiters.  Monoculture is always a environmental disaster, as we can easily see in Canada.  Land belongs to all its creatures, and small farms are better than large farms, gardening is best.  It is the future everywhere, so Dig In. The Garden Party will be sending 6 Peas by pass it on mail to Romania, and suggesting you send back those Canadian Jets so we can scrape them.  The People did not give Harper or NATO  any permission to help protect the Foreign Investors in Romania.  This is a Message From The People's Diplomatic Core of Canada, without borders. Self Government is recommended for all of Europe.

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