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Saturday, May 3, 2014

No Power For Guns, Ukraine.

     To the people from the so called territory of Ukraine.  Whatever position you have, do not let guns be your dictators.  Joining Government militarism, you now take orders.  No freedom there.  Allow people in all parts of Ukraine to decide what they would like to do, work for mutual benefit, keep  IMF out with most of your old network of Government. You are welcome to Use our lethal weapon, the Garden Party Special , a well used shovel. We demand all Military Surrender, the penalty for refusal to meet our Demand is extinction. Now Get A Shovel and hoe,  work on living.
     One other thing in your best interests, send those six Canadian jets back, they are there to protect Corporate Capitalism, and they will kill everybody, slowly after torture.  Have a nice day.

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