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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Needs before Wants

      Some people's needs, are to stop wants. The Garden Party's limited budget is spent on needs, food shelter clothing, and yes. Gas and Vehicles.  We have decreased Driving about 60%, in two years. We all need to stop buying what we want, our life sustaining planet cannot afford our manufactured desires. Buy what you need, locally, make what you need locally, with the shallowest of foot prints.  Make sure your community needs are taken care of, with at least some extra for others needs elsewhere, Emergency  Response. How are we going to do all this.  Get Inspired, pick up a hoe, hill the Potatoes, they are growing fast, actually have some small potatoes.  They were planted in Feb,  we no longer have to ever buy a potato, and we love potatoes, still have time to plant more.

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