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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Notice how our banks are still making money, that is exactly what banks do; make money.   They can lend money to anybody, even themselves. And even if nobody gave back the money, the banks have lost nothing.  Because the loans came from nothing. If one payment is made, they gained, they made money out of nothing. You may be under the illusion that banks are lending out your savings at a higher interest than they are paying you, and may believe that is how they make money. They do that too, and use your deposit as leverage to write a whole bunch more out of the sky and lend that out. Bankers made the Laws, they all keep playing the monopoly game until they have all the real assets, and everyone is a slave serving the chosen. Their money is what controls us collectively, and those who operate the monetary system have access to a unlimited supply and 'legally' can write money out of the sky.  Well if that is really legal to do, then it stands that it is legal for anybody to write money out of the sky.  And consider it as real as any other money. And it is just as real as all of them. Why not just get beyond money, and put your energy where it needs putting.  Grow a garden and have real value. Money loses its grip the less we use it, and the Garden Party is eliminating money one Potato at a time.

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