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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lay Down Your Weapons

If you tell a enemy to Lay Down their weapons before you will talk, you should not have opened your mouth unless you too, lay down your weapons. You want to talk with a stick? Maybe you should spend a week in the Garden, and talk with a sturdy shovel.  That way you can stop causing big profits for the owners of the military industry and the funeral industry. Who gave your mob the right to dictate lines in the sand.  Maybe some people do not want to live under any dictator.  What are you going to do,  call for those 6 jets and 400 maintenance crew that Canada's Dictator sent to Rumania and kill peoples right to decide what they want? Sorry, The Garden Party has recalled the jets for scrap and is now developing the Royal Canadian Emergency Response, and here we are on another piece of the Garden. Follow our good example.
    That's a place for a Garden
   Another Job

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