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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Got the Boot in Burnaby

     There was that possibility but it really is not a problem.  We got two days of work on about a hundred shrubs, vines and trees that produce fruit.  Since they were maintained by someone for 30 years and this property was a place he loved, he did not like to watch the place fall apart. Even if it was for sale and he was no longer living there.  So word was, it was available for us to utilize the property. Occupation Apple Tree policy, to leave any location we are gardening the moment we are asked to leave.  Our work is over here, we got most of what we planned to do now, done,  but had it worked out,  we would have planted a garden, and grown food for the owner. The kids got involved who just want to sell the property and by phone we have been ask to leave.  Our biggest regret is we did not get all the work done that should be done sooner than later.  But it is much improved, and a different Garden Tomorrow.  This one will be small and will be Displayed at The Granville Island Farmers Market on June 5. The first day of a regular Thursday outside market of local produce.  Our display will be made up of instant 'compost to garden' pots.  BC Feeds BC in eight years. We will be ready for another hundred trees by Monday.

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