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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Facts Are Facts?

     Every full page advertisement of paper you see,  has added Thousands of toxic anti life chemicals to our environment.  Most of what is printed, if even looked at, can cause Insanity.  Not the only cause for Insanity, but certainly, all Canadians seem a bit touched.  Building Dams for electricity, to produce waste and go nuts.  Poison rivers and oceans to collect Air Miles, more garbage making work.  Dump Herbicides on Clearcut Forests to aid the growth of money trees, and poison all other life forms that we need more than full page ads of the next iPhone.  The Facts are the Facts, Insanity is a communicable disease, past on by Full Page Ads.  There is a cure, but it must be taken full strength.  Stop all Garbage before it is made.  Grow a Garden.

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