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Friday, May 16, 2014

Corporation Government.

     If the management's job of a corporation only objective is to make money for the investors, for what reason do they back all political parties that have a chance of winning a election. After all, that is the investors money they are giving away.  No they, they are not giving money away.  They are buying Government. That is who Canada's Governments work for, Legalized Organized Crime.  For example, Pot, it is getting legalized, OK to have, but not to grow in your garden.  That will be under corporate control in no time.  Laws will be made and designed that all the profits will go to corporate monoculture farms, producers, and distributors.  Of course we will also have a publicly funded police force to keep the laws made to  insure the corporations make the profits. 
     The Self Government of Canada, the Garden Party is far more efficient.  If you want pot, grow it. Since it is legal medicinally, and the whole country is sick of politicians writing more laws, taxing people to death to pay for another empire building civil service. we are saying drop government involvement. Treat pot the same as cabbage or any herb.  Done, and if you can sell cabbage, why not pot? On the other hand corporations have been taking over cabbage farms, but we will now start returning them back to the Gardeners. 
     Good time for Gardening on May 21st, World Do Nothing Day, Drive Nothing Day, Buy Nothing Day, Shoot Nobody Day.  Enjoy the Garden.

     Canada' Lowest Paid CEOs.

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