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Saturday, May 3, 2014


     This is a small paper, with good articles, good writers, and a lot if insight and information that people should know, and do something about. It is not enough to know all the depressing activities,  we all should be actively working on the change, before we reach the point that we are completely herded over the cliff.
     Millions of Dollars are being spent in BC right now to get Manufactured Consent for the Northern Pipeline,  also for East and South Pipelines. Much of that Money will quietly find its way into the pockets of influential people.  Yes the world is a corrupt place.  If you doubt that, get the CCPA Monitor, and back copies.  Then get a shovel, The Garden Party is digging our way out of a mess into The Garden.  Starting next week in Burnaby, BC.  604-928-3663 .

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