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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Canadians Compost Government.

     Thats right, just about every Canadian that isn't working for the the government would very much like to compost all levels of  government.. Most of the remaining  middle class in Canada are government employees working for Corporations, but paid for by the taxpayer.
      No useless, inefficient. wasteful government job is secure,  now that The Self Government Garden Party is taking over more turf every day.  We are digging right under their feet.  And, as for those promised civil servant pension checks for a life time of useless work, better dig a garden, you will most likely need it if you want to eat. The whole Corporate world, made up with investors who are looking only at profits, will soon know what a hoe is.
     That Garden Party, Self Government of BC is getting ready for a major move, as soon as we know what it is, so will all our industrial spies.

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