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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Break The Conditioning.

     Most of us learned about money from birth.  We heard it said that Money makes the world go round. It is what we knew and assumed that it was the best way for exchange.  So instead of doing your social contribution and receiving what you need, everybody charges, everybody pays.  The Capitalist System, besides being corrupt, is anti social.  Divisive  instead of Cooperative.
     The Garden Party is in the process of eliminating money as a necessity for Society to function, as a matter of fact almost the entire administration and multitudes of civil servants could be given a hoe and shovel.  We know they too are just conditioned by monkey see, monkey do, and monkey keep your mouth shut.  Regardless, there will soon be large layoffs of civil servants, and outsourcing their jobs will not be necessary. 
     Garden is warming up, mosquitoes are hatching, swallows are here, dragonflies showed up today. Dragonflies can avoid vehicles driving under 45k. 
     May 21st is World No Driving Day. Finally a world event that is free and you don't have to drive to take part. Consider breaking conditioning by deliberate action.  How about growing 10% of your food this year.  

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