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Thursday, May 29, 2014

On to Ottawa

    A 85 year old Vet from Harrison Hot Springs has stated he will go to Ottawa if 10,000 are going to kick out the Conservative Government.  Only need 9997 more, what about you? The invitation goes out to all Canadians, make it a family affair, plant your Garden  to come back to and weed out our Coin Operated Politicians in Ottawa.
     Contact, when you are sure to go, we are planning for 10,000 to start out from BC, and 100,000 in Ottawa, don't wait for us if you want to go sooner, we would like 10,000 to state they will go, before we water our gardens and start our Historical Journey to Real Democracy.

Site C Dam, LNG.

    Wake up BC, according to the Garden Party  Weaky Leeks, the BC hydro dam, Cite C,  that the Liberal Mob is planning, will not produce enough energy for the making of all the liquified Natural Gas that the the elected government of BC is planning to export.  So the Dam is for the LNG Industry Only, but the bill is now being put to all BC residents by increased hydro rates.  Again the general public is subsidizing Corporate rip off of assets in the name of jobs and the promises of getting rich while destroying everything.   If things continue, as we expect they will, the Garden Party of BC is ready to call a General Strike and Compost the Liberal Party.
     In the meantime, start a garden, things around the world are quickly coming to a head.

Granville Is Market, end of May.

   Starting a experimental farm in Wells BC to develop hardy fast growing crops, another Ten year project to promote a local food supply.  Elevation is 4200 feet with 3 months of summer.  Plots have been picked, now the fun begins. Moose, mice, and bears will be taken into consideration.  Part of BC FEEDS BC IN 8 Years. 
     Gardening is taking priority over mushroom picking at the moment.
    New Garden ALR.

Wells BC, New Tourist Garden.

      This is where we are starting our second Garden in Wells. The first Garden rhubarb made it through the winter. That area will be good later as there is a old foundation for a root cellar which we hope to restore to its original state.  All around it could be community gardens, and could involve tourists to bring ideas, take ideas, and eat good local food. Gardening will be done in keeping with the tradition tools, as they are still the best, according to some politicians. 
     This Self Government Project is Funded from the Slush Funds of Pension Checks, BC FEEDS BC in eight years.


Notice how our banks are still making money, that is exactly what banks do; make money.   They can lend money to anybody, even themselves. And even if nobody gave back the money, the banks have lost nothing.  Because the loans came from nothing. If one payment is made, they gained, they made money out of nothing. You may be under the illusion that banks are lending out your savings at a higher interest than they are paying you, and may believe that is how they make money. They do that too, and use your deposit as leverage to write a whole bunch more out of the sky and lend that out. Bankers made the Laws, they all keep playing the monopoly game until they have all the real assets, and everyone is a slave serving the chosen. Their money is what controls us collectively, and those who operate the monetary system have access to a unlimited supply and 'legally' can write money out of the sky.  Well if that is really legal to do, then it stands that it is legal for anybody to write money out of the sky.  And consider it as real as any other money. And it is just as real as all of them. Why not just get beyond money, and put your energy where it needs putting.  Grow a garden and have real value. Money loses its grip the less we use it, and the Garden Party is eliminating money one Potato at a time.

Harpers Nose in Ukraine

     What is Harper's business, or Canada's business,  of messing with a squabble that involves us not at all.  Of course we may not have been given all the details, or more important corporate interests. The Interests that Harper Serves. The IMF will also rush into Ukraine, and the takeover continues, lending manufactured sky cash, becoming the owners of the countries assets, with Big Money running the Government. The Garden Party insists that Ukraine is a part of the Garden and encourages all Ukrainians and Russians dig out old rooted trees that bear no fruit, and compost the IMF. Create your own Self Government, start your garden and dig in, Peas Multiply, money is indigestible.

Occupation Wells BC.

     Jim said that the Minister of Foreign Affaires of the elected Canadian Government, John Baird, said of the Ukraine protest against it's elected leader, before the oust, that if a hundred thousand people were on the street demanding the resignation of their leaders, the leaders should resign. 
     If that is the case, and Baird did say that, the Garden Party is prepared to go to Ottawa and demand that Harper, Baird, and Mackay, all three pack their bags and resign.  That alone will not change much, but you will notice a sudden change by replacements, of a willingness to listen to what the people are saying. Stop the Resource Rip Off, Get out of the Russian/Ukraine Conflict, get good food and shelter for every child in Canada before sending a total of around 900 to 1200 Canadian Conservatives to Europe at Taxpayers Expense to start trouble in Russian/Ukraine/European politics.  What is Harper trying to do, Start World War Three?  His Social and Environmental record, his trade deals to sell off resources, his more jails policy, yes Jim, I will go to Ottawa and demand the resignation of the three. As soon as 10,000 others say they will go, that will be enough encouragement for The Garden Party to Start the trek to Ottawa. Just E Mail, state you will go, when 10,000 others say they will, or at what number will be enough to motivate you, or start on your way there now, and, don't give your word unless you intend to keep it.  One to Go Today, just 9,999 more please. 
     Part Two: Jim said he will go. Just 9998 and we both will go to Ottawa, to tell Harper and his boys, to go get a hoe and back to the Garden we go. Just to let them all know, government should represent what is best for all the people, or out they go.  We are all for a peaceful state, and are refusing a police state.  We are all for the Government of the people, by the people, and for all the people.

Friday, May 23, 2014

US Biggest Terrorist?

     According to a article in the Oct. CCPA Monitor by Asad Ismi, "the US War Crimes Record", Since 1945, the US has killed 46 million people in other countries, most of them civilians, either directly or through proxy by its puppet regimes. That number is astounding, but does not include all the maimed, crippled and deformed births from The 20 million Gallons of the (Monsanto Produced?) deadly chemical Agent Orange dumped on Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, the birth defects now happening in Iraq from extensive use of white phosphorus and depleted uranium bombs.  For Obama to denounce other nations atrocities is hypocritical.  Certainly the unimformed and misinformed American people cannot be blamed for the past actions of US Foreign Activities, but the same type of people are still in power and it is high time that the American People Composted their own real Criminals.  
     Canada is by no means innocent either. Nor is the European Union, taking over the resources of every new member that joins their club. Beware of all trade deals, big money has no conscience but does have a big appetite. and behind closed doors are directing most democratic governments, if not all.  Thus the Garden Party, now gaining ground.

Occupation Harrison Hot Spring

    Took a couple of years to convert this clay yard into Victory Gardens.  With a little bit of help, 85 year old Vet, John who stumbles when he make a sharp left or right turn, has been gradually converting his lawn into Garden. He is at the end of Diamond Street, left side, welcomes visitors and has a lot of life experience and insights to freely share. Feel free to just drop in and have a game of crib.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Market Thursday

Mostly still just dried mushroom, will look for fresh morels next week, garden work done for now.  Wild Products table will be set up for the day at Granville Public Market, you can still order plants today. 604 928 3663.

Save the Environment, Drop Dead.

      Just some good free advice for all investors profiting from the Military Industries, fashion industries, junk food industries, garbage making industries, gold and diamond mining, Monsanto, Alberta tar sands  and the drug industries. But it is recommended that the good advice be put off until tomorrow, to reconsider and pull all investments out of the death enterprises that put profits before Life.
     Enjoy the day off, as today is May 21st World Buy Nothing, Drive Nothing Day!

Canadians Compost Government.

     Thats right, just about every Canadian that isn't working for the the government would very much like to compost all levels of  government.. Most of the remaining  middle class in Canada are government employees working for Corporations, but paid for by the taxpayer.
      No useless, inefficient. wasteful government job is secure,  now that The Self Government Garden Party is taking over more turf every day.  We are digging right under their feet.  And, as for those promised civil servant pension checks for a life time of useless work, better dig a garden, you will most likely need it if you want to eat. The whole Corporate world, made up with investors who are looking only at profits, will soon know what a hoe is.
     That Garden Party, Self Government of BC is getting ready for a major move, as soon as we know what it is, so will all our industrial spies.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Corporate Junk Food Banned, BC.

     The Garden Party's Minister For More Unemployment has received unanimous agreement to Ban All Corporate Junk Food.  That means doctors will have fewer Jobs in BC, less loggers will be cutting trees down for packaging, less rubber trees plantations for tires on delivery trucks, less money for drug pushing corporations selling symptom relief pills , less vehicles makes fewer service stations makes more unemployment, makes more Gardens.
     Amazing, all that accomplished the moment you believe it and embrace the Idea.  ALL JUNK FOOD BANNED From BC.  Also junk bone breaking gladiator magazines, we have been taken for a ride long enough.

    In the nursery, looks well fed.
   And who is in the tree.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Industrial Secrets

The Garden Party shares all it's Industrial Developments.  If they can be a benefit to others, great.  Just like all industries should be doing.  We invite all spy networks to steal all our ideas and use them. Now Lay Off your spies, looking for something wrong instead of something right, talk to us. 
     The Self Government of Canada, The Garden Party's Minister For More Unemployment Declares all industrial spies, out of work.  Each person laid off will receive a shovel for their pension, and now is a good time for digging in the Garden. We are looking for more Garden Space in Esquimalt.

    Onions Making Seed.
    Miners Lettuce, yum

Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Branch

     Disabled, no funds, have access to some ground? We now have some not so young folks looking to help with gardens for those in need, in Esquimalt/Victoria. Best way for now to make contact is by tweet or phone. 604 928 3663.  We will send over our annointed royalty with hoes and shovels as soon as they get here. If that fails to work, we will send over our Minister For More Unemployment, his garden skills have improved over last year, as they should.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Needs before Wants

      Some people's needs, are to stop wants. The Garden Party's limited budget is spent on needs, food shelter clothing, and yes. Gas and Vehicles.  We have decreased Driving about 60%, in two years. We all need to stop buying what we want, our life sustaining planet cannot afford our manufactured desires. Buy what you need, locally, make what you need locally, with the shallowest of foot prints.  Make sure your community needs are taken care of, with at least some extra for others needs elsewhere, Emergency  Response. How are we going to do all this.  Get Inspired, pick up a hoe, hill the Potatoes, they are growing fast, actually have some small potatoes.  They were planted in Feb,  we no longer have to ever buy a potato, and we love potatoes, still have time to plant more.

No rest for the wicked.

     On our knees in the Mt Douglas area tomorrow, Victoria BC, tweet me if you want to work on two small Gardens for a couple of hours, late morning, 604 928 3663.  At 2 pm hope to be at speakers corner, Beacon Hill Park. The New Self Appointed Mayor of Victoria, apparently will be there to give His First Public Address as the new mayor or maybe his second. His Warship David Shebib.. Proper Titles are important.