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Monday, April 28, 2014

Wars are good for business

      Corporations can be blamed for wars today.  They back both sides, and rip off the resources.  They set up International Laws, free trade agreements, get special rights, can rip and gut the planet, fill the world with poisons and make everybody sick.  Wow, Job, Jobs, Jobs, we are really getting Rich!  More Doctors, more hospitals, more money for big Drug Dealers.  Mass Insanity!
     There is just one union we need.  A Human Union, no president. No Prime Jack-Ass.  Well we are Here, and policy can be shown with a shovel, what we don't want we shovel out, what we want, we dig in.  
     A Message From the Mushroom Picking Party, BC FEEDS BC IN 8 YEARS, grow a garden or our gorilla will dig up your lawn.

    Black Poplar  (Cottonwood) Buds for medicine.
  Snow Banks and Verpas
    Ice Breaker

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