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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

USA and Roman Empire

     Are most Americans distracted by sports?  Multiple Radio and TV stations far outnumbering Religious broadcasts. Football, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Golf now pumped up.  Forests are cut down everyday to report every detail of all the opposing Gladiators.  Trucks are burning precious fossil fuels (tars sands),   delivering Magazines, daily and weekly newspapers.  10,000 (guess), jet planes dump exhaust and chemicals in our climate changing atmosphere to move the hired entertainers to the next bone breaking event. Guess that gives a bunch of Doctors Jobs they would not have.  Yes, the Roman Empire was having more blood letting games as the Empire Collapsed.   The Empire had such a big military to control the people that it went broke.   The USA SPENDS MORE MONEY ON MILITARY  than the rest of the world, just like the Romans. Are you Ready. Call for Emergency Response from Your Self Government.  The Elected Governments Got Too Big, they no longer can help, all they can do when tied up in their rules, is suck. Bottom Feeders. 
      The Garden Party's Minister For More  Unemployment, suggests that all new military recruits be issued shovels instead of guns. and get your land or lawn dug up, Looks like the pension check will be going the way of the Roman Empire..

     Kale in bloom.

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