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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Self Government

     The Garden Party is digging in Canada, we are in the process of taking over Government from the grass roots. Capitalism is a corrupt numbers game that those with the most abstract value, money,  control the game to their benefit.  Sorry,  but the Garden Party is calling the Bluff.  The Bluff that people can't function without money.  Yes because of laws made by unaware politicians,  we are still forced to participate using money, but we are developing every action to remove all money as a necessity of life. What we are doing, is making a future possible for all life forms.  And putting a little joy in living.  Without the stress of money, debt, IMF, tax collectors, bill collectors, coin collectors, diamond mines, tar sands, oil tankers, coal trains, and garbage dumps. We hope to have every dump shut down in BC in 8 years.
     A important message from our Minister For More Unemployment : April 21st is World Buy Nothing Day, good time to start practising. Practice for a full month if you like.

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