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Monday, April 14, 2014

Power and Leaders

     Innately we Gardeners Know that the social structures we have set up, choosing leaders, kings, prime ministers, bosses, queens, popes, generals; has failed.  Top gets Power, Top down power structures naturally corrupt, opportunity is in front of you, everybody that is somebody to you is helping themselves, discreetly at first. Covering for one another, If you don't do it somebody will, right? So might as well capitalize and Ignore the consequences and wake of distraction behind your ass with all that construction.  Promise me a rainbow and a pot of gold, down the river we were sold. Ding Dong! There Is another way, Do Not Give Your Power Away,  give those titled top of a smelly pile, no authority to dictate, and to those that are up in a high chair living in fear of falling, give them a opportunity to step down.  There are always a couple of nuts that just hang on, till you really shake the tree.
     21st  April, No More War Day , World Wide!  Don't miss it, it could be your last.

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