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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Open Up The Land!

     The Garden Party will no longer listen to complaints about the mess our world is in from people sitting on land suitable for agriculture, and not make that land available for the many young people who would like to get their hands in the dirt and become contributing citizens. They are ready, willing, and capable of doing great things, things that need to be done. Like growing clean healthy foods. Open up land for willing people, or complaint to yourself about yourself till the Cows Come Home and don't bother The Garden Party. And don't be surprised if all you have to eat is dead, toxic Monsanto GMO food products.
      We have a standing offer to all young Gardeners, free tools and hardware, seeds and plants that we have,  and will share land we have access to, Make Contact.  We have more Young People today wanting to get going in the Mt Douglas area, Victoria, BC. Well?

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