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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Morel Mushroom #3.

     For a Bush Dryer for 2 or more people, we build screens 2 by 4 foot sturdy frames with one by two inch lumber.  Spruce,   Screens can be stainless, nylon, iron, but not galvanized or aluminum.  The inside measurement of the drier fits three screens side by side, and can be stacked 10 layers. The stove sits in the middle lying on its side.  6 inch pipe, coming off the barrel into a elbow, straight out a sheet metal or aluminum back wall with a short pipe  , another elbow and seven or eight feet up.  You will need walls and roof with a foot over hang on the sides  and more on the front.  The front can be a tarp door on a pole.  The drier needs lots of air flow, open at the top front and sides,  air let in from the front at the bottom. A metal baffle sits just over the pipe where it exits the back, reaches to the front of the barrel, almost as wide as the diameter or the barrel.  We hang the baffle with wire and it is adjustable.  The screens should be at least 18 inches above the barrel, the baffle will distribute the heat for even drying, and prevent mushroom directly above from getting toasted.
    That all for now, will post pictures of screens, stove etc at first opportunity. 

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