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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Morel Mushroom #2

     Drying cleanly picked morels is simple,  Gently pour the mushrooms on a screen, set in the sun if the mushrooms are dry. If they are quite moist, and warm up in the hot sunlight, they may send out a lot of yellow spore.  No problem, but it changes the dried appearance, almost looks like a mold. To avoid sporeing, keep mushrooms out of the sun when picking and transporting, start the drying of wet mushrooms in the shade.  This also can happen in a dryer.  So if you have moist morels, spread so air can easily flow, low heat to start, increase the heat after the surface is dry.  Too much heat will cook the morels and ruin them. Low heat, once drying is started, it is best to keep drying until they rattle, we alway finish our mushrooms in a dryer. Pack in air tight containers, store cool and out of the light. They can be stored for years.    Next Lesson, Morel Mushroom #3, will be on other things good to know if you are picking and Drying Fire Morels for the first time.

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