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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Luxembourg, China's Bankers.

     Short term gains for Europe long term pain for the US funny money.  China money is preferred in Europe, as American Military can no longer insist that the US get the biggest bang for their buck.  The US was actually bankrupt at least 30 years ago, and all the juggling of numbers in Canada, claiming to balance their books after the biggest increase in debt ever, will mean resource sales will be at garage sale prices.
    Luxembourg will have is own problems  as Money and Banks all get pushed into the compost pile of History, along with Capitalism.  The Garden Party is contemplating setting up the Bank of Peas in Luxembourg, currency that will out grow any country's money, and never lose it's value.  If you want to save money, April 21sf is World Buy Nothing Day.  A good day to plant peas.  Or look for Morels.

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