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Friday, April 4, 2014

Harpers Fair Election Act

     Only people who have lots money can  run in Elections, because they have the "proper Identification" of being worthy, money.  It is perfectly legal in Canada to not have any identification or money..  But Harper's Fair Election act forces on Canadians, as Banks have forced on all the people, Official pieces of paper and plastic, so that all Dumb Canadians only have to look at their I.D. whenever they forget who they are.
     If the poor can't vote, they definitely do not need I.D. to have a complete advantage over the rich in the amount of free housing they get, in the crowded jail cells they are occupying.  It is quite puzzling that the rich are not demanding their fair share, since they are committing 90% of the Crimes Against Humanity, and not getting their just reward.  The Garden Party is maintaining a very hard on crime policy, of, forgive them, for they know not what they are missing.  But that does not mean we agree with Harper's Acts. Since we have passed beyond Elections to Self Government, with all positions appointed, we prefer a cell with a view, and some place to grow a garden. Harper is still in the Kitchen cooking up what looks like food, with Monsanto. We should make him a diplomat and send him to fix things in Iran or Even Russia, he would certainly deter Putin from wanting to take over Canada, Putin might even give up Crimea just to get rid of Harper. 

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