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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

GMO Is Poison.

     The more you eat GMO foods the more Roundup (herbicide) enters your body. Yes it may take a while, a decade or more, to affect you, we have been told its safe, that is a lie.  It is also a lie that it does not hurt or contaminate our Environment. Another fact, it also alters the Roundup Ready Plants, carrots, dried beans, and potatoes by direct absorption and GMO products are of a lower food value. 
     Enough of the arguments and the millions that Monsanto spends on Canadian politicians.  Ban Round Up, ban the elected government, ban Monsanto and GMO poison food, out of your house and out of your Country. Mistakes are one thing, lying is another. 
     This has been a message from The Garden Party's New Environment Minister who has been eating GMO food for 20 years, and is now looking for Natural Food.

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