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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Garden Party Pot Garden

     Now around 700 pots in our nursery at 5090 west Saanich rd, at the Centre of the Universe Observatory, Victory BC, territory called Canada by some.  Called a few other things by people living around most Canadian Registered mining operations in Latin American.  Presently Canada offers special deals, tax breaks etc.  thus registered in Canada,  Canadian Pension Funds are invested in those Criminal Corporations.  What does all that have to do with pot gardens, well refugees from Latin America are welcome to get plants form our gardens and fruit from the Hundreds of fruit trees we now give limited care to. No money involved, No strings attached. No ID needed.
     We have Fig trees, grape vines, dandelions, starting hazelnut, blueberry, prune plum, wheat, rye, more raspberry, and a couple of Wild Asparagus. Lots of edible pod pea seed.
     BC FEEDS BC IN 8 YEARS. April 21st  is World Gardening All Day, Day.  A message from our Minister of Sick People,  laughing is the best medicine, after that good food.  Grow some of your own, even in a pot, a good Kinder garden experience.

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