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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Garden Farming

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada is advancing from Large Corporate Farms to environmental friendly Smaller Farms.  Everybody's place a part of the Garden.   A self sustaining food supply.
     Right Now, we could easily bring over 6000, refugee Farming families from camps and place them on farms. Many ways to do this at less cost than sending 6 Jets to rattle at Putin. So, The Garden Party is exercising common sense, start sending over farmers, Gardeners, Carpenters, Masons, Nurses, and Dentists. Skip all the Visa, ID, Passport, Immigration delay,   We help them into our new way of Garden Farming and learn more from the new farmers.  When things settle down in Syria, many will go back, maybe many will stay and add another color to the cloth we call Canada. Self Government operating under Corporate Democracy Dictatorship and The Rule of Obstacle Law, is just saying "we could do more, faster, better, and at less real cost. So, bring on the garden farmers, open up the land, and park the cars. School is in the Barn. Learn how to hand milk a cow, from a refugee.

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