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Friday, April 18, 2014

Forest Monoculture

    All Monoculture is a environment disaster, older single tree forests, may have a lot of a few other plants, but diversity of flora and fauna, it is gone.  Some things may have just been wiped out by Monsanto Round Up, sprayed in BC Forests Still Today, and not one study has shown it beneficial, and the damage caused by Herbicides to other life and people is beyond doubt. Yet, in BC, roundup is dumped on forests to grow "money trees", round up kills competing plants, the process kills Biodiversity.  Money is death, Biodiversity is Life.
      It is past time to shut down the use of roundup. It is in our water, in our salmon rivers, in our bodies.  April 21st is World No Spraying Herbicides Day, with so many people out side having a Garden Party Clean Air is the Right Way To Go. Right?

    Right, near the middle.

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