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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Canadians Cheat

     That is why the Elected Government that cheated in the last Canadian Federal Election is changing the election act,  to make sure that Canadians don't vote more than once.  52% don't vote at all and couldn't care less.  The 48% that vote always vote in a criminal mob, no matter which party wins. If a new party wins that is not corrupt when it takes over, it is corrupt before it gets voted out.  It is the nature of the beast, a corrupting process. Changing the election act is not really to keep voters from cheating, it is to keep them from voting. The increasing number of displaced people without proof of a address certainly won't be voting for The Harper Jets and Jails Party.  
     The Shovel, Hoe and Rake Garden Party has cancelled elections and assumed Self Government of Canada. April 21st is World Self Government Day, all day. Enjoy. 
     Potatoes are coming up
     Jets and Jails Going Down
     Campbell River Clean Up Crew

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