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Friday, April 4, 2014

Bill of Goods

     We have all.been fed a bill of goods, a monetary system that insures slavery, yet we continue to go to our pretend and make believe jobs, and maintain a controlled monetary system,  insuring  slavery. Lock our selves in, at dark.
     Not The Garden Party, No Way, we know that One Pea Seed has More Value Than All The Money In The World !!  And we have lots of edible pod, not stringy, very tasty and tender for raw eating, and good producer for seed. We had a second crop till the freeze up. We called it the Purple Russian Pea, or Putin Pea.  We gave Putin Credit Where Credit was Due, for Kicking Monsanto Out Of Russia. Democracy has not Kicked Monsanto out of Canada,   Think about it, of course Putin has been given or took power over from the people, always dangerous to put so much power to one person, but, there will be no G.M.O. In Russia.   GMOs are in Canada,  Monsanto is getting laws past in our Government  Ghost House in Ottawa. They are patenting our natural world, getting laws past to make what they are doing legal, and so they can't be sued for Damages such as killing off the frogs , turtles, people, birds. 
     What are you waiting for?? A dictator??   O.K. This is a order : Kick Monsanto Out of Your House.  Good place to start. Now, don't quit till the job is done.   And don't miss our next World Do Nothing Day, April 21st, nice day to plant peas. 

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