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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Big Drop for Canada Real Estate

    Foreign Money tied up in Canadian Real Estate was a little worried when The Garden Party declared Self Government in BC,  and will be officially declaring self government of Canada not later than July 1st. This is now sending a shake, rattle and run to sell off the overpriced real estate they have their ill gotten gains tied up in.  They are beginning to grasp at straws like a drowning man would do, but it is too late for all those sweet mouthed capitalists, their goose is cooked, and it taste mighty fine.  Welcome to one big penal planet, no place else to go. So shut down all the money and stupid laws, they impede adaption to a changing climate.  Get out of the cars, reorganize your communities, dig up your yard, and take down your fences. Meet your next door neighbour, real like.
     Expect all "For Sale" signs to disappear as land prices drop to nothing, starting with BC.  The Garden Party admits that they Lower Property Values in dollars and nonsense, but the fruit trees look good. And check out those potatoes.  Open up the land free for all young energy to grow food, or expect the  gorilla. 

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