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Saturday, April 5, 2014

ALR Failures.

    Farm Land was being somewhat protected in BC, except for highway expansion, transmission lines, pipelines, and a fair bit for urban growth.  Farmland has also gotten tied up by "hobby Farms" raising horse meat or for Breeding Purposes, mostly to avoid land taxes. Foreign Investment, moving money to Canada that was ill gotten gain from corruption overseas also has tied up farm land keeping prices inflated, or inaccessible to residents.  Now, the present Fraud Elected Government of BC is taking over the Administration of the ALR, TO DO WHATEVER THEY PLEASE, and you can be sure that their personnel fortunes will increase as more land is removed from the ALR.  This act will permit Site C Dam to disregard all Farmland that will be flooded.  Also Fracking for Natural Gas and any mining operations will be able to disregard any Agriculture Land Reserve in most of BC.  But people are sleeping or watching hockey, or feel helpless, and the Criminal Mob are confident that all they have to do is legalize their crime, and they will make another clean get away.  
   Not this time. As a matter of fact all ill gotten gain past and present remain Hot Potatoes, no matter how long ago they Cooked The Books. Spring is coming sooner than expected in BC.  Global Warming is heating up more Couch Potatoes to work on the Big Garden. The Heat is Building,  a potato crop on the legislative lawns would only make sense,  and better use can be made of the Government buildings as root cellars.

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