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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Agriculture Transition

     Canada is on the cusp of a agriculture switch that is rapidly changing from Monoculture to Biodiversity.  Shovels are in the ground now on Canada's West Coast and moving East.  The Garden Party of BC expects BC FEEDS BC to easily reach its goal in 8 years.  There are a large number of young adults who want to garden/farm.  Biggest obstacle, access to land.  So land claimers, what will be your legacy?  Spring is here, some youth are ready, let's get Shovels in the Ground, and develop Real Economy. We welcome discussion of our simple process that protects those holding title to any land, a win, win, method for all involved.  For direct contact: I-604 928 3663. email:  More yards in Vancouver BC could be also dug up now.

    Another expansion.

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