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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

IMF Loans Ukraine?

     The Old Crooks Out, New IMF Professional Crooks In, best throw them out as well.  Loans?, they are there to take, not give.  You don't need loans, you do need Gardens and to keep control of your government.  IMF will dictate terms, start taking control of your assets and lives. Not to be trusted, better to rely on a shovel. Kick them out with Monsanto, Syngenta, and Bayer.

Single Mothers Gardens

     Got some ground but no tools? No time? No money? Don't know How?  We happened to start today to do gardens for people unable to get a garden started, but would benefit from one. This has been a message from our Minister of The Underground, who has revived.  The Minister is ready with a shovel.  Victoria or Vancouver ph 604 928-3663, and since we do not recognize borders, if you live far away, we are prepared to travel for a good cause.  World Feeds World, healthy food in eight years, let's get digging.

Free trade Agreements

     The people of Canada did not Vote on any Free Trade Agreements. The people in USA didn't get to vote either.  The Ministry According to John is exercising his Veto, over all trade agreements. The Free Trade Agreements are made for Corporations and against the people. So they make Laws that allow what ever venture they want to exploit.  And sue countries who object to their venture.
     We did not vote for trade agreements there for, we  the Gardening People Declare, All Trade Agreements Null and Void.  It's Official. And endorsed  by The Self Government of Canada. Can't do that, well we did, and didn't need a Lawyer. Objection is Nil.
     Market Thursday

    Burdock, root is eaten, minerals, and energy.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

At Market Thursday

    Granville Public Market, will have Fresh Snow Banks, Verpas, and Spring Oyster along with our dried.  Also fresh wild burdock roots, dandelion greens, and wild ginger root.

Intellectual property

The book that's binds us, all wisdom and knowledge belong to God, there no such thing as private information.  Copyright nonsense.  If you have or get information, shout it from the rooftop Gardens. If your roof is suitable, put a garden on it, something you want to use.  Grow some seed, we are shutting down Corporate Farms.  Gardening is the way of the future, a lot of Corporations are headed for the Compost Bin.  Packaging Industries. Herbicide and Pesticide Industries, a long list, we keep what works.
    Cook Well, Verpas.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Wars are good for business

      Corporations can be blamed for wars today.  They back both sides, and rip off the resources.  They set up International Laws, free trade agreements, get special rights, can rip and gut the planet, fill the world with poisons and make everybody sick.  Wow, Job, Jobs, Jobs, we are really getting Rich!  More Doctors, more hospitals, more money for big Drug Dealers.  Mass Insanity!
     There is just one union we need.  A Human Union, no president. No Prime Jack-Ass.  Well we are Here, and policy can be shown with a shovel, what we don't want we shovel out, what we want, we dig in.  
     A Message From the Mushroom Picking Party, BC FEEDS BC IN 8 YEARS, grow a garden or our gorilla will dig up your lawn.

    Black Poplar  (Cottonwood) Buds for medicine.
  Snow Banks and Verpas
    Ice Breaker

Cow needs Farm

     The cow comes with a couple of people, somewhere on Vancouver Island there must be a farm that would make a cow and a couple of people happy. Do you know of such a farm. How about on the mainland? Or in Russia unless there is an embargo on cows. Maybe we will have to graze lawns in Vancouver. Or we could move into the Legislature, the smell is the same.  At any rate, there are young people who want to garden-farm and it would be nice to get them on land this spring.  Let's meet and talk about possibilities.  604 928 3663.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Garden Party Update 1

     The Garden Party is growing daily with more direct connections. Forming team action, taking control of our lives, recognizing everyone's situation, we are our own government, our way, and when we are enough, we will vote them all out.     
We are all going to hell if we do not turn some things around. Lots of things, But we do need to be able to eat. The world monitary economies will be worthless. They actually are now, to the Garden Party.
     Did you know that pesticides are killing off a lot of Natural Diversity on land and in waterways, they will kill us if not stopped.  End Pesticides! Clean water for the future.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Vancouver BC Victory Gardens

     Occupation Apple Tree is moving into West and East  End Vancouver to dig up lawns, and we will be covering a few cement blocks Downtown.  We decided to get some garden going in every space made available, and grow food that will be eaten in the neighborhood, and keep up those gardens, until we find someone close by that would like to have a garden.     
     Our Secret Agenda is to Turn Vancouver BC , into a eatable garden city, with far, far less Cars. The Goal is in sight, and we invite every city to take on the challenge,  Can we get done in 8 years.  BC FEEDS BC 8 years to go.  And we do not need or anymore pipelines, for sure!

     Saw these today.

Bush Tour Today

     Not just to burn our limited fossil fuels, but to check out mushroom picking grounds. And to pick poplar buds for a First Nations Herbalist. 
     Snow Banks, delux but be careful to identify As others look similar and are toxic. 
   Yellow Verpa, cook well.
    Spring white oyster, will pick these for fresh market, in a couple of days.
    Wild Ginger with a root, coming to market Thursday.

Friday, April 25, 2014


     Garden Party is forming organically, a net work of people supporting each other , all with a common goal.  The same one everybody should be working on, starting with themselves, of course.
     Our network has branched into three areas of Vancouver,  shovels should be in the ground all over Vancouver soon, and you don't have to wait for us, go ahead, dig.  Dig in Ukraine. Russia, Syria, Detroit, enough digging in the tar sands, enough gold and diamond digging. Dig in, and No herbicides or Chemical Pestcides.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Compost Syngenta, Bee Killers

Just like Monsanto, putting out Round up, lying about it being a safe herbicide, Syngenta and Bayer are putting out neonicotinnoids. These horrible corporations has been falsely claiming their pesticides are safe.  They were told by their own hired scientists that in the studies, that it screws up pollinators, frogs, birds, and is doing the same type of messing up to people. Swiss based Syngenta has been fighting to keep a lid on the evidence for 30 YEARS.  The Human Suffering of Parents, the new borns, we are all victims.  When the bottom line is Making Money at Any Cost, totally ignoring the wake of suffering and distruction, around every weedless golf course, we have to take action.  Another Safe Pesticide or Herbicide? There is no such thing, as a safe Herbicide or Chemical Pesticide,  Shut all of them down! Last  May, the European Union placed a two year ban on neonicotinnoids.  Last May, Harper cut 681 jobs at Agriculture Canada, after already axing 900 the year before.  "Harper's cuts to Canada's agricultural science came in the midst of strong consumer and environmental campaigns against neonicotinnoid pesticides that kill bees and other pollinators". Compost the Canadian Government, give life a chance.
     The Garden Party does quote articles of others without permission, we recommend CCPA MONITOR.

     Picking Poplar Buds today

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Victoria Mayor Cleans City Hall.

     With a little help from runaway hairy mate and City Councilor, Dave takes his new job as mayor very seriously and has the tools to do the job.  Sewage treatment starts at City Hall, and he claims that if we need to put a hold on all future dumps, so be it.

Thursday Market

Dandelions, Kale, Chaga mushroom, dried pine, Chanterelle, lobster, boletus, wild mix, and a few other items. 8 am to 7 pm. Also sign up to get your lawn dug up.  BC FEEDS BC IN EIGHT YEARS. Free pea seed.

First Self Government Mayor

     The Garbage Guru has been declared the Mayor of Victoria BC before the Election.  Another garbage making industry. He has declared that the concept of dumping resources in landfill sites such as Heal Lake is over.  Dave Shibib states " If we can not deal with any products presently going into the landfill, take those products off the market now. About 3 to 5%, the rest we can now deal with, but why use resources to make all that junk in the first place. "
     The Garden Party endorses the Garbage Guru as Mayor of Victoria, BC, Canada

     Victoria's Garbage Dump, Heal Lake, CRD Healing Process.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Garden Farming

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada is advancing from Large Corporate Farms to environmental friendly Smaller Farms.  Everybody's place a part of the Garden.   A self sustaining food supply.
     Right Now, we could easily bring over 6000, refugee Farming families from camps and place them on farms. Many ways to do this at less cost than sending 6 Jets to rattle at Putin. So, The Garden Party is exercising common sense, start sending over farmers, Gardeners, Carpenters, Masons, Nurses, and Dentists. Skip all the Visa, ID, Passport, Immigration delay,   We help them into our new way of Garden Farming and learn more from the new farmers.  When things settle down in Syria, many will go back, maybe many will stay and add another color to the cloth we call Canada. Self Government operating under Corporate Democracy Dictatorship and The Rule of Obstacle Law, is just saying "we could do more, faster, better, and at less real cost. So, bring on the garden farmers, open up the land, and park the cars. School is in the Barn. Learn how to hand milk a cow, from a refugee.

Public Market, Granville .

Be at market 8am to 7pm.  Some new dried mushroom stock, greens but no nettles,  Putin's pea seed, sign up to get your yard dug up, now taking Chinese and Russian money.