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Thursday, March 20, 2014

World Vote Drop

     The voting in Free Enterprise For Corporations Countries is on a steady decrease.  Their Election processes are failing to serve the hearts desire of change to the growing majority of Citizens.   The dis empowered will no doubt at some point soon bring their Drums and Shovels to dig up and shake down the present Status Quot of Coin Operated Politicians.
     In Canada today, there is talk by Vets of taking their metals to Ottawa, the farmers of taking their metals,  shovels and manure forks to dig out the rot, the First Nations breaking their copper on the steps of Parliament.  A First Nations Uprising is picking up momentum, perhaps the rest of Canada will follow the Example and join in to create a Peaceful Resolution that we can all honestly say we are doing the best we can, and take back some control of our lives so all can achieve their full potential.  Their are many actions being started, and much to do, and much to stop doing.  Spring is coming to Canada, perhaps it will be a hot summer, with an abundant Fall, and a truly exciting and Peaceful winter. Do your part,  enhance The Garden.

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