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Friday, March 7, 2014

Why Slow Grain Train?

     With more frustrated farmers, who had to get big with big tractors to survive, going broke because grain is not getting to market due to neglect by railway companies, corporate farms are taking over.  Not only the seeds, but the rail cars, and the farm land.  Monsanto would like to control all the food produced around the world.  One big farm. Pumping out GMOs, monoculture from horizon to horizon, with agricultural practices that are worse than our present bad practices.  They fill a lot of pockets in political circles, getting laws past to continue their takeover.  Keep the squeeze on the farmers,  until they all work for Monsanto.  
     For sure the Garden Party has other plans.  All land under good stewardship. Claim of title does not excuse good stewardship. Monsanto can go into History, with it's herbicides and pesticides. The Garden Party, representing the 52% Non Voters, By Majority Mandate, Declares : All Land, Air, Water, Under Good Stewardship or Lose Your Claim.  Need a gardener? We are ready to go, Vancouver and Island.

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