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Saturday, March 1, 2014

When you see...!

     When you see a mountain slope all covered in yellow flowers it can be awe inspiring, or clear cuts of fire weed in full bloom, or meadows white with daisies, the wonder of it all. A close look will show you each single flower, beauty all by itself, glad to be alive. All evolved from the same ancestor.  Much like mankind. Each a beauty, glad to be alive, pass the anti depressant. Drug Dispensing Stores, for cosmetics to bury the beauty of the flowers, change the smells to confuse the senses.  A fact once in a while, 95% of what is sold from Drug Stores is harmful to your health and the health of our water, our fish, so grow a garden you love, eat good food, stop driving to the drug store, stop the pipeline, quit buying farmed salmon, shut down the tar sands,  make your own government, shut down the nuclear power plants, air space belongs to all creatures so ground the drones now before we face all the problems that could bring. Feeling better yet?  Great to be alive , aye.

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