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Saturday, March 29, 2014

War Vets and Jobs

    There are a lot of ads on American Radio Stations to hire War Vets, lack of work in USA, Canada too. Do not expect that to change.  No doubt that for many Vets everywhere, after a visit to Hell, readjusting is not easy. Regular 9 to 5 jobs just don't cut it.  Start a Garden, you can work it for 15 minutes, or 15 hours. You can get together with other Vets and grow food for the widows, for soup kitchens, for anyone you want.  You are still Serving Your Country, and making the world a better Place. 
     Vets are wecome to work on any of our projects in BC or if you need a hand to start a garden, call The Garden Party Emergecy Response Number 1 604-928-3663.

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