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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wanted : Farmland For 2 Cows.

    Two Cows and 12 ducks and two people are looking for a Farm, another couple also, that makes a dozen people.
     Occupation Apple Tree is working on the Concept of promoting local food supplies and is working on a diverse bunch of projects. We are taking on every piece of land we get free access. We do have a few places to live and work on and all projects are evolving. Our Goal is BC FEEDS BC in eight years. When we 'take on' a tree, or piece of land, we meet the title holder and see the situation. We do all the work at our expense and our pleasure. We also leave behind, should we leave, benefits to the land, and will leave if at any time the title holder requests.  But we  know at least two couples, the quality of their work, and dedication to food production, who would really do well if they got on a piece of land free of rent.  But in the mean time we are just working on pieces everywhere, including Public Owned Lands.  There is no doubt, make a piece of land open to Young Farmers, your legacy will be a better world.
     Garden Party Emergency Response- 604-928-3663  for land that needs Gardeners.

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