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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

V.I. Churches Answer Lords Prayer

     Church grounds and even the grounds of church mice rise to the occasion to feed the people in need, working with the homeless. This should stimulate every church in Canada to do the same. Answer the Lords Prayer, on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Local food production is on the increase, lots of enthusiasm, another branch of BC Feeds BC.  First tools, hauling truck and pea seeds provided by the Garbage Guru and Occupation Apple Tree.
     There is another project we would like to get in the ground.  There are some serious young couples, some with kids, some without, who love working in dirt and producing food.  But paying big rents, makes things difficult.  So, we are looking for people who hold title, have large garden or farm land and do not need money for rent, to let some young, learning Gardeners create local food supplies.  There are some incredible young people that we know, ready to go.

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