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Sunday, March 2, 2014

To the Soldier Everywhere

     Hang up you gun and go home. Your enemies are giving the orders. Sabre rattling nuts that sit in positions of power that will never be in the line of fire, and all the profiteers of war, mainly the military industries of which at least half are in the USA, but they are everywhere, including in Canada, there are alien minds that will send you to any human slaughter to further their insatiable desire for power and profits.  No doubt some troops welcome conflict to fulfil their sick minds waving a National Flag, but that number is still small. In the general public you would be hard pressed to find people to want to be involved or would even condone war.  Plain and Simple, Hang up your gun and pick up a shovel.  Good Advice to that fraud elected Prime Minister of Canada , go home and dig a garden.  
     If we are going to stop war, or stop military from being used, most often against their own people, we need to pull out all support for what is military.
     Garden Party Policy : Help All Defectors. Redirect Military to Emergency Response.  Pass it on Mail. 

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