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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Squeeze is on.

Income is down across the board, things tightening up on all the paper pushing offices, lay offs of the white collar slaves is on the increase and we expect to see jobs falling like leaves from a big maple tree.  Paper austerity, demand dropping, mill layoffs.  Office equipment and supply, demand dropping , closing stores, staff layoffs. Delivery companies looking for customer, drivers picking mushrooms.  Real estate, another big drop ready to go, even bigger than the last one, agents now looking for gardens. White collar workers carry lunch boxes and shovels past the boarded up Drug Stores on their way to work,  They look better now, with a loose collar.
     The Garden Party, has been active mostly in BC, but our Ministers of This and That, and Anything have been flying around the country sticking their noses in other peoples  business and giving them advice that would result in more unemployment.  We are showing great success, useless jobs are ending, and you cannot go wrong  with gardening. 

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